Stillpoints Podcast

A podcast with Scott Johnson

After 10 years of sharing Ashtanga yoga we are excited to bring you the Stillpoints podcast.

The podcast brings you beautiful conversations with those who have influenced and been part of the rich history of Stillpoint Yoga London since 2009. Scott will talk with friends, yoga teachers, practitioners and influential guests on yoga, mindfulness and contemplative practices to see how these areas have deeply influenced their lives. Please sign up on Itunes to enjoy the beautiful conversations that unfold.

Liz Lark Stillpoints Podcast

8 September 2019

Yoga As A Creative Process

Scott and Liz talk about Liz’s 30 years as a yoga practitioner and teacher and how she has become one of the most well loved yoga teachers in the UK.

Maria Jose Pantoja Stillpoints Podcast

24 August 2019

Remembering Precious Times

In a deeply moving conversation, Scott and Maria remember the beginnings of Stillpoint Yoga London from 2009 to 2013, when co-founder Ozge Karabayik was alive.

Laura Graham Dullaert Stillpoints Podcast

3 August 2019

Becoming Your Own Teacher

More like a conversation between friends, Scott and Laura talk openly about how their relationship as teacher/student/friends evolved over the years. Laura also shares the issues she has faced through hypermobility.

John Scott Stillpoints Podcast

28 June 2019

How Practice Changes Over The Years

In a beautifully revealing conversation at the Purple Valley Retreat Centre in Goa where they were both teaching, John and Scott share intimate moments of their lives.