Stillpoints Podcast

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13 December 2020

The Practice of Pausing – Kia Naddermier

Scott talks to dear friend and colleague Kia Naddermier on Kia’s life as a renowned teacher of yoga and pranayama. Kia shares stories about her evolution, what practice means to her and how learning to pause is the key to understanding yoga in your life.

Josefin Wikström Podcast Feature

29 November 2020

Bringing Yoga Home – Josefin Wikström

Scott talks to colleague Josefin Wikström about her incredible work over the years delivering yoga in prisons and to those with complex trauma. Josefin is a deeply passionate and profound yoga teacher, never resting on her laurels and dedicating herself to her craft so she can be the best for those she meets through her work.

Greg Nardi Stillpoints Podcast

29 August 2020

Empowerment Through Ashtanga Yoga – Greg Nardi

Scott and Greg have a deeply open and honest conversation on the evolution of yoga in Greg’s life. They have been close friends since 2013 and share in a moving conversation on how the devotional aspect of yoga became a central part of Greg’s life and how Greg has shifted direction since he left KPJAYI.

12 January 2020

Blending Yoga Traditions – Joey Miles

Scott talks to Joey Miles, a good friend and inspiring Ashtanga yoga teacher, about his life and how combining Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga over the years has transformed his outlook to asana and yoga practice.

27 October 2019

Owning Your Practice – David Keil

Scott talks to his good friend David Keil, a yoga teacher and anatomy educator, who has worked with Scott for 9 years at SYL.

Liz Lark Stillpoints Podcast

8 September 2019

Yoga As A Creative Process – Liz Lark

Scott and Liz talk about Liz’s 30 years as a yoga practitioner and teacher and how she has become one of the most well loved yoga teachers in the UK.

Laura Graham Dullaert Stillpoints Podcast

3 August 2019

Becoming Your Own Teacher – Laura Graham-Dullaert

More like a conversation between friends, Scott and Laura talk openly about how their relationship as teacher/student/friends evolved over the years. Laura also shares the issues she has faced through hypermobility.