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15 November 2020

Recovery Through Yoga – Taylor Hunt

Scott talks to colleague and Ashtanga yoga teacher Taylor Hunt about his recovery from addiction. This is a powerful conversation that is honest and open in how yoga continues to help Taylor with is sobriety and recovery. Scott also shares intimate details of his own recovery from growing upper in an alcoholic family.

23 October 2020

Finding Humility Together – Prem & Radha Carlisi

Scott talks to senior Ashtanga Yoga teachers Prem and Radha Carlisi about their friendship since 2008. Prem and Radha run Ashtanga Yoga Bali, one of the most well known Ashtanga Yoga shala’s in Asia. It’s a beautifully open and moving conversation on how their relationship has navigated tragedy and life.

12 January 2020

Blending Yoga Traditions – Joey Miles

Scott talks to Joey Miles, a good friend and inspiring Ashtanga yoga teacher, about his life and how combining Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga over the years has transformed his outlook to asana and yoga practice.

Jess Glenny profile

24 November 2019

Movement Through Life – Jess Glenny

Scott talks to colleague and fellow yoga practitioner Jess Glenny, a London based yoga teacher and educator, on her lifelong dedication to movement practices and working with hyper-mobility.

3 November 2019

Create Your Own Way – Danny Paradise

Scott talks to Ashtanga yoga pioneer and teacher Danny Paradise about his life of yoga practice and teaching. Danny shares so many stories about the history of Ashtanga yoga’s growth in the west and how he moulded his own path over the years.

27 October 2019

Owning Your Practice – David Keil

Scott talks to his good friend David Keil, a yoga teacher and anatomy educator, who has worked with Scott for 9 years at SYL.

Caroline Taylor Podcast

6 October 2019

A Transformative Pathway – Caroline Taylor

Scott talks to Caroline Taylor, a long term SYL practitioner, about how she has navigated her yoga practice and her relationship to her body since the time she started in 2012.

Liz Lark Stillpoints Podcast

8 September 2019

Yoga As A Creative Process – Liz Lark

Scott and Liz talk about Liz’s 30 years as a yoga practitioner and teacher and how she has become one of the most well loved yoga teachers in the UK.

Laura Graham Dullaert Stillpoints Podcast

3 August 2019

Becoming Your Own Teacher – Laura Graham-Dullaert

More like a conversation between friends, Scott and Laura talk openly about how their relationship as teacher/student/friends evolved over the years. Laura also shares the issues she has faced through hypermobility.