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At SYL we have many people who are an integral part of our community. Whether a beginner, experienced practitioner or a world renowned teacher, we value and create long term relationships with all those who share yoga with us.

See below how you can become part of Stillpoint.

What is the SYL community?

At Stillpoint Yoga London we believe that the power of the practice is people teaching, practising and learning together. The assisted self practice (Mysore style) method of ashtanga yoga, that we have shared since we opened in 2009, has allowed for many people to wake up and experience how yoga can impact their lives. Because we physically teach 6 days a week we focus importance on building relationships with the people who come and practice with us. From complete beginners to seasoned practitioners we support and encourage you from wherever you are. By many people practising together quietly in a room over the years this has fostered a community. A community of people practising and growing together that is always evolving, influenced by those who engage with us. Alongside the morning classes we also invite teachers who have inspired us here at SYL. We invite these teachers to meet the community and expand on the work we do via events and workshops. We take care and time to nurture these relationships and only work with those who we feel enhance the sharing that we do each and every morning.

Want to join our community?

Our focus is always on how you can get the most out of your yoga practice. We believe that a yoga practice is an ongoing process that never stops and has the ability to wake you up to what it means to feel alive. Whether we meet you in our beginners courses, in our regular classes, at workshops, on retreats or online, we like to see how we can be of benefit. Even if you live on the other side of the world our focus is to inspire you to practice. We have had thousands of practitioners come through our doors since we opened (whether beginners, regulars or workshop attendees) and we hope that all have felt some value in their experience with us. Becoming part of our community, whether in person or online, means allowing us to engage with you in how you can be inspired to practice and to really benefit from the fruits of yoga. You will meet and share with others who have benefited themselves from this deeply moving practice. 

The benefits of joining our community

We love to inspire practice through teaching, sharing and online media and there are many ways you can benefit from joining our community. Here are a few:

Our classes: Our teachers are highly experienced and skilled individuals who are trained to meet all types of practitioner. Coming to our classes or working with us means engaging with teachers who have your best interests at heart and are skilled in how any type of body meets a yoga practice.

Workshops: You get to meet and work with some of the world’s leading ashtanga yoga teachers who come back to teach our community year after year. You hear about our highly regarded events first and get premium booking options.

Online: We share inspirational videos, podcast and blog content that motivate you to practice wherever you are in the world.

Benefits of the Stillpoint community

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