Ashtanga yoga moon days at Stillpoint Yoga London

It is traditional for ashtanga yoga moon days to be observed. This means practitioners leave the days of the new and full moon as practice free and take rest. The reasons why are related on senior ashtanga yoga teacher Tim Miller’s website (here)

Please find below the moon days when the SYL studio will be CLOSED (though sometimes there may be moon day workshops advertised here)

 new moon    full moon


● Saturday 17th March
○ Saturday 31st March

● Monday 16th April
○ Monday 30th April

● Tuesday 15th May
○ Tuesday 29th May

● Wednesday 13th June
○ Thursday 28th June

● Friday 13th July
○ Friday 27th July

● Saturday 11th August
○ Sunday 26th August

● Sunday 9th September
○ Tuesday 25th September

● Tuesday 9th October
○ Wednesday 24th October

● Wednesday 7th November
○ Friday 23rd November

● Friday 7th December
○ Saturday 22nd December