beginners ashtanga yoga courses in London Bridge
Scott Johnson, founder of Stillpoint Yoga London

Are you an Ashtanga beginner?

Then you’re in the right place. Firstly, a big welcome from me Scott Johnson and the team here at Stillpoint Yoga London. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you develop your yoga practice. On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about getting started at Stillpoint Yoga London and below you’ll see the upcoming courses we have on offer here at SYL.

We’re passionate about introducing people to the Mysore style, self practice method, of ashtanga yoga and have been since we first opened in 2009. We believe that the self practice method is one of the most profound and finest ways to cultivate a life long/safe personal yoga practice. We also feel that the true benefits of yoga come over time, with patience and by cultivating willpower.

  • Time, in that learning a yoga practice is something that can’t be rushed.
  • Patience, in that trusting the process of a yoga practice allows there benefits to slowly unfold.
  • Willpower in taking on a new practice and learning to practice it yourself irrespective of the need for a teacher.

I signed up for the beginners course expecting to only learn the basics of ashtanga yoga to be able to establish a self practice but I got so much more out of it. Scott and all the teachers make you feel so welcome and are such an amazing support. The studio is just filled with a genuine and warm energy. Definitely changed my life for the better.

Jessica Mahendra

Learn Ashtanga Yoga at Stillpoint Yoga London

We offer a monthly 5 day beginners intensive course or you can book a 1-to-1 class with Scott
Our Ashtanga yoga beginners courses run over 5 consecutive mornings (Monday to Friday 7-8am) and are priced at £100. There are a maximum of 10 students per course so our experienced teachers can really help you personally integrate your yoga practice over the week (see below for more information on the course).

Begin your Ashtanga yoga practice with us in 2019!


5 day beginners course

29 April – 3 May

Can’t make one of our 5 day courses?

Book a 1-to-1 beginners class with our founder,


Scott Johnson


About our 5 day beginners courses

The aim of the course is to build you towards cultivating a sustainable yoga self practice where you become independent and inspired to practice yourself, separate from the need to go to a class or a teacher. Going to a class or teacher is developmental and for support in moving your practice forward or through life processes. The yoga practice really works when you commit to learning it and are inspired to practice it by yourself.


The first 3 days of the course (Mon-Wed) are held in a separate practice space where one of our teachers will guide you through the founding principles of ashtanga yoga as a small group. The last 2 days you will move into practicing the sequence independently in your own time under the guidance of your teacher and in the SYL Mysore self practice room.


We have been running our 5 day beginners intensives since 2010 and these courses are suitable for complete beginners, as well as those who want to learn and experience Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga more in depth. The course’s base structure is about creating a personal self practice and establishing the fundamental movements and techniques that underpin movement of the body in yoga postures. These techniques are also tailored to your own bodily requirements in relationship to how you personally practice the sequence.
If you have practiced ashtanga yoga before get in touch to see if this course is right for you. This course is about teaching ashtanga yoga from the ground up so if you have experience you may just need to join us in the self practice room instead. Please do note though that we have had many people come and transition from a led class environment to a self practice via this comprehensive course.

Everyone has been so supportive and helpful during and since my course.
It really is a nurturing and positive environment, a little oasis in the heart of London! Bloody fantastic!

Ruth Millman

What is Ashtanga vinyasa yoga?

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a powerful yet subtle yoga that synchronises breath with movement to slowly unveil not only the strength, flexibility and vitality of the physical body but also, over time, the rediscovery of the practitioners fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness, control of the senses and a deep awareness of their selves. Ashtanga yoga was spread across the globe through the students of Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India.

At SYL we pass on this tradition as taught in the same way by Jois through the lineage of Manju JoisJohn Scott, both world renowned senior teachers of Ashtanga yoga. We do this with great integrity to the process of the Ashtanga yoga practice, while being considered and mindful to all those who come and we tailor the practice to the individual. This is the way a safe and prolonged practice can evolve. All SYL teachers are highly experienced and trained individuals with a deep sense of how yoga has evolved within their own practices. This creates the skill of being able to teach people from their own personal practice and subtleties.

Through regular practice of Ashtanga yoga steadiness, strength and clarity of body and mind is attained.

After the beginners course there were lots of reasons as to why I wanted to continue practising Ashtanga yoga. Initially, it was about getting moving again and doing something for my physical wellbeing. But then it became about encountering the warmth and compassion of all the teachers at SYL combined with the freedom and support to be able to practice at your own pace. I just felt better! Now I know that Ashtanga yoga is a real source of support in my life.

Carrie Taylor