Experienced Practitioner Course

The Stillpoint Education Pathway

Would you like to develop your skills as a practitioner or a teacher? 


Then this in-depth 4 x 6-day modular intensive could be for you

Experienced Practitioner Course 2020 Dates

Module 1: 16th – 21st April

Module 2: 16th – 21st July

Module 3: 1st – 6th October

Module 4: 10th – 15th December

What you will learn:

A Deep Study of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series inc Functional Anatomy and Movement

This groundbreaking course is at the forefront of innovation of Ashtanga yoga pedagogy. You will learn all of the postures in depth – their functional, energetic and movement anatomy and how they all link together as a deeply integrated and connected practice. This course gets underneath how the practice works and prepares you for the teaching mentorship and becoming an Amāyu Yoga Teacher.

An Immersion into Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda and Chanting

This section of the course will expand greatly on the Essentials 1 and 2 philosophy modules, breaking down the history and philosophy of yoga in great detail. You will learn the significant yoga texts that shaped the evolution of yoga over time and how they can be the base from which we understand ourselves. You will also study how Ayurveda and chanting links to the practice of yoga.

The Amāyu Teaching Methodology, Ethical Framework and Best Practices

You will learn that how we practise and how we relate is the ground from which we move in the world. The practice of yoga is never in a vacuum and we will discover the power we hold when we relate to others. You will see that the inspirational Amāyu Education programme is helping you, at every level, to learn about the power you have and how you can interact with others in an empowering way.

What is the intention of the Experienced Practitioner Course?


The intention of the Experienced Practitioner 230hr Course is to foster deeply inquisitive, empowering yoga practitioners. This flagship course is aimed at those who have already completed the Essentials 1 and 2 courses (or an equivalent*) and wish to further their knowledge of the Ashtanga system in a powerfully holistic way. It is designed to be taken either as a practitioner development course in its own right or, for those who wish to teach this practice, as the first of a 2-part training programme that will lead to the 500hr Amāyu Yoga Teacher Certificate. Anyone wishing to go on to teach would then need to complete the Ashtanga Mentorship Programme after completing the Experienced Practitioner Course.

This course will consist of 4 x 6 day modules to be completed over the course of 1 to 2 years** and will continue your journey from the Essentials courses with a more in-depth look at all aspects of the practice as well as introducing teaching techniques and practice, in preparation for those who wish to teach. We will explore the Surya Namaskar, Standing Sequence, Primary Series, and Finishing Sequence in more detail, looking at movement principles for each of the asanas and revising the Sanskrit count.

* Those who have already completed an in-depth teacher development course or training and meet the pre-course requirements.
** Please see the individual course tutors for details of the scheduling of the course modules as some may be taught over weekends.

What is the course curriculum?


  • A deep understanding of the teaching methodology that underpins the Ashtanga yoga system. Teaching skills, asana/vinyasa technique and practical skills.
  • The history and philosophy of yoga including deep immersions into textual study, the periods of yoga, ethics and subtle anatomy. 
  • Functional anatomy and physiology (online content and in person).
  • The Amayu teaching methodology and best practices – understanding roles in yoga, how to teach in different ways depending on the environment. 
  • Vedic Chanting and Mantra study, pronunciation.
  • Ayurveda principles and practical connections
  • Integrating mindfulness and meditation with different areas of focus.
  • Breathwork study.

How long will the course take?


The course duration is 4 x 6 day module days over a year with over 230 hours of study (inc non 40 contact hours).

We will be providing a manual and pre-course study/learning tools. It is a requirement to attend 100% of the whole course.

Completion of this course qualifies you to apply for the Amāyu Teacher Mentorship programme, leading to becoming an Amāyu Yoga Teacher.

How much does the course cost?


The course price is available on application. 

What do I need to know before joining the course? 


You must have completed Essentials 1 and 2 (or an equivalent qualification) and have had a regular personal Ashtanga yoga practice for at least 3 years, preferably with a reference from a teacher. You must know and be experienced in practising the Ashtanga full primary series*** both as self-practice (‘Mysore’) and guided/led Ashtanga yoga methods. You must be proficient in the Sanskrit count for the primary series, and know all of the asana names (these are covered in Essentials 1 and 2).

*** Proficiency in practice means that you know and have comfortably practiced the Primary series, including an understanding of suitable variations where appropriate for your body.

Who will be my course teacher?

    Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    Director, Stillpoint Yoga London

    Scott Johnson has over 17 years of experience with Ashtanga Yoga. He is the co-founder and director at Stillpoint Yoga London which he established in 2009. Scott has taught Ashtanga Yoga there almost daily since Stillpoint opened. He was introduced to the practice of Ashtanga yoga by John Scott in 2002 and has studied deeply with him, Lucy Crawford and Manju Jois since then, dedicating himself to the practice while working and raising a family. 

    Scott is co-founder and one of the directors of Amāyu Yoga (est. 2018), a first of its kind organisation dedicated to educating Ashtanga teachers around power dynamics and consent driven, student centred approaches to the teaching and practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

    Scott teaches with encouragement, insight and integrity to the teachings of yoga and mindfulness that he has had access to. His deep love of the contemplative side of these practice creates a rich, nurturing environment and he is deeply dedicated to the healing power of yoga and mindfulness in the people that he is fortunate to meet. His devotion and dedication to these practices assists practitioners in discovering how contemplative practice can unfold not only personally on the mat, but also find meaning in the wider context of daily life.

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