An Ashtanga Yoga teacher training like no other!

Our Amāyu Yoga affiliated training courses are designed to inspire you – to deepen your practice or learn to teach



The Stillpoint Education Programme is for everyone!


We are here to help every practitioner become more knowledgable, more confident and more compassionate through understanding how Ashtanga yoga can land in their lives.

The brand new Amāyu learning pathway, that Stillpoint Yoga London has adopted, is a set of sequential courses that are designed to enhance your knowledge over time whether just to learn more about your practice, to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher or to increase your current teaching skillset.

The courses – Essentials 1, Essentials 2, Experienced Practitioner, Amāyu Mentorship and Teacher Professional Development (coming soon) – are designed to build on top of each other and engage any practitioner in how they would like to develop and learn yoga. 


Does this sound like you?

I'd like to deepen my knowledge of the Ashtanga yoga practice

  • We have decades of experience helping people expand their knowledge of the Ashtanga yoga practice.
  • We’ve developed a learning pathway that helps you understand what you are already doing and learn new skills at the same time.
  • You’ll learn with like-minded and passionate peers and practitioners in a class environment that supports your learning.

These courses are for you:

I'm enjoying practising yoga and would now like to teach others

  • We use the groundbreaking Amāyu curriculum to deliver an integrated pathway of learning, study and teacher development.
  • Our highly experienced faculty have taught thousands of people the Ashtanga yoga practice in an empowering and mindful way.
  • You’ll become an accredited teacher through Amāyu Yoga and become part of a professional organisation.

These courses are for you:

I'm already a yoga teacher but want to develop my skills

  • We offer dedicated courses that help you to develop your skillset as a teacher through the Amāyu curriculum and pathway.
  • You’ll learn skills that truly empower students to create trust in their relationship with you and your teaching.
  • You’ll become an accredited teacher through Amāyu Yoga and become part of a professional organisation.

These courses are for you:

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

Gain confidence

We have years of experience in helping people to develop a yoga practice that deeply connects them to their lives. The combined expertise of our faculty teachers and the depth of our education pathway will give you confidence in really understanding the Ashtanga yoga method and how it relates to you and your life. 

Get support

From being part of a community of peers to having the backing of our wider Amāyu faculty, your learning and education is our complete priority. We’re here to help you develop your skills and knowledge to become an intelligent yoga practitioner and an empowered teacher.


Continue learning

Our courses are structured so you learn in a way that develops your own personal understanding of yoga and its place in your world. The continual and developmental learning embedded in our courses allows for you to thrive over time, both as a practitioner and teacher. But most importantly, as a person.

Here are our 3 current training options:

Here’s what our students think of our courses:

After 20 years of yoga practise the Amayu Yoga Essentials 1 Course at Stillpoint was a real inspiration and fantastic game changer. Scott with his mindful approach is an amazing, empathetic and very personal teacher, fully dedicated to his students and without any snooty attitude (that can be found regularly in the Ashtanga community). He creates a warm, welcoming and safe practise environment. I absolutely enjoyed the 4 days and can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen and improve their practise.

Nick Holzinger - Essentials 1

Being a part of the Amāyu learning community at Stillpoint is an absolute privilege. The teachers are intuitive, compassionate and inspiring. They encourage you to deepen your understanding of your own personal practice, while also looking outwards to how you can expand and work with others. It’s a beautiful community and I feel honoured to be a part of it.

Jess Ryan Phillips - Essentials 1 and 2

I attended the Amayu Essentials 2 training at Stillpoint Yoga London in July 2019. It met all my expectations and more, and built on the Amayu Essentials training I had undertaken with Scott earlier in the year. A deep dive into Yoga History and Philosophy, delivered in intelligible nuggets of information which piece together to build a timeline which makes sense! No easy achievement having read various theories in the past which often left me with more gaps than information.

Scott’s focus on Mindfulness practices marry perfectly with the detailed analysis of the Primary series study and practice. Above all, Scott proves learning and further development can be fun and inspiring.

Scott Arnott - Essentials 2