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Our monthly blog posts are written to support, evolve and inspire your personal practice, whether or not you’re a practitioner here at SYL. Our posts reflect how we see practice unfold and cover topics such as practice theory, ideas for taking our practice off the mat, and interviews with some of the world’s leading yoga teachers. We’d love to hear what you think and welcome all comments and feedback.

A New Kind Of Sangha

A New Kind Of Sangha

Everything as we know it has now changed. As we navigate the world under COVID-19 Scott shares insights from the past, how we are navigating this time in a totally new yoga paradigm and how that can inform the future.

About Stillpoint Yoga London

We’re a vibrant ashtanga yoga community based at London Bridge. We opened our doors in 2009 and have developed into a well established early morning ashtanga Mysore space, which allows you to come and practice yoga whenever you’re able. Over the years we’ve welcomed thousands of people, both local and international, through our doors to learn authentic ashtanga yoga that greatly benefits their lives.

The continued ambition of our highly experienced and trained teachers is to help, encourage and nurture you to gain the greatest benefits through practising yoga. We also host workshops with some of the foremost national and international teachers of ashtanga yoga and mindful practices.

Stillpoint, true to its name and its ethos, is a calm centre amidst a bustling circumference. A joyful space. A space of community. A space where one word is enough to interrupt habit, allowing you to grow. A space where, beyond words, your practice will be guided by a warm smile, a gentle hand and an ever-encouraging, ever-supportive sense of presence.

Kristen Kreider