Stillpoint Yoga Classes

Ashtanga yoga classes


Our Ashtanga yoga assisted Mysore self-practice classes are open on:

Monday to Friday 6:30am-10:00am 

Please also note the monthly moon days as on these days we will be closed.


We look forward to welcoming all practitioners through our doors and our teachers show real experience and commitment in helping people to establish and maintain an ashtanga yoga practice.

With our commitment to you we then value your commitment to us as it is this long term relationship between teacher and student that has been the foundation of yoga practice in India, particularly through the lineage of ashtanga yoga. Developing a self practice requires patience but the rewards manifest ten fold in many aspects of life. Our teachers are highly experienced and work together to ensure a yoga practice relates uniquely to an individual. With this in mind we ask that commitment is shown from the beginning of a practitioners time with us so that the SYL teachers can help establish a self practice over an intensive period. With a solid foundation a practitioner can then experience the long term fruits of a yoga practice. 

We have a highly experienced team of ashtanga yoga teachers

Meet the Stillpoint teaching faculty

We ask that new students to SYL participate in the following ways:

New to Ashtanga yoga?

Coming from led classes?

Already self practice?